Our Mission

At Unique Diamond Nonprofit Organization, we serve the low-income children and families in and around Orange County. We strive to break the cycle of generational poverty. Unique Diamond Nonprofit brings people together in our community to offer hope. We believe it’s every child’s right to have access to food, shelter, education, and programs to promote a brighter future.

Our Vision

A world where every child has a roof over their head, sustainable nourishment, and access to continued education.

Our Principles

1. Ensure a child’s basic needs are met.
2. Advocate for education equality.
3. Promote dignity and hope.
4. Create sustainable resources for children and their families.

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Get Involved

When generous people like you partner with us, we can meet the urgent physical needs of children by providing food, taking action in communities and creating long-term solutions for sustainable nourishment, clean water, medical care, and education. Join us now!

Unique Diamond Christmas Gala

The first annual Unique Diamond Christmas gala hits very close to home for Veronica Lake, the founder of Unique Diamond Nonprofit. This nonprofit was created to aid underprivileged children in the community during the holiday season. Lake was raised in the foster system and has a deeply rooted desire to give back to the community. She believes no child should go without- any time of the year. “Just think of how many little kids will be smiling on Christmas day because of this”, stated Lake. Everyone who knows Veronica would tell you how big her heart is. “It really shows the strength of a person when they can go through a challenging situation and turn those trials into something positive for others,” said Katherine Holman, founder of the nonprofit organization, Otra Mas, who will be partnering with Unique Diamond for the Christmas Gala. Otra Mas provides pro-bono equine therapy services for individuals and organizations in underserved populations such as the homeless, active duty military and veterans.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, those in need struggle to provide the items they need for their kids but gifts as well. Unique Diamond Nonprofit is striving to create magic for underprivileged children this holiday season with a special event taking place at the Laguna Cliffs Marriot in Dana Point, CA. The event will be held on December 1, 2018, from 6pm-11pm. Unique Diamond Nonprofit will be hosting a gourmet dinner, cocktails, live music, a celebrity MC and a silent auction featuring local businesses and international brands.

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